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What Makes It Awesome?

Auber-Gin is a newly opened high-end restaurant at Breach Candy, South Mumbai. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the building.

When you take the lift to the first floor, the doors open directly at the restaurant and not any passageway which leads to the restaurant. When I entered, there was something soothing about the environment. The decor was very middle eastern. The colour of the walls was mint green and the overall ambience felt very Turkish.

Coming straight to the drinks now. I had gone there with a friend and we had ordered two cocktails. We had heard that owing to their name, they had some really good gin-based cocktails which led us to order one each. My friend had ordered a Pepper Basil Smash cocktail and I had ordered for a Just Peachy martini. Both were served in Martini glasses. The drinks were served chilled and looked super classy. At first, we found the cocktails to be very mild but after a while, the flavour came out beautifully. I must say, both the drinks were made to perfection. When you take a sip of the pepper basil smash, you immediately get the taste of basil. However, there will be an aftertaste of pepper and that will hit your throat. Trust me it feels amazing. The Just Peachy Martini was served with a slice of peach and gin.

Okay Let's come to the food. We had ordered for BBQ prawns, Chicken and Olive Hummus platter and Baked Chermoula Fish. The chicken and olive hummus were just perfect. A lot of people cannot get the consistency of the hummus right and I'm one person who doesn't like chicken separately. This one just beat all the chicken and olive hummus dishes I've tasted. The thickness of the hummus was on point and the chicken was juicy and full of flavour. It perfectly complemented the hummus. The way the plating was done, it seemed that the chicken was like the pollen of a flower. Next came the BBQ Prawns. The prawns were prepared in barbeque sauce and were served in shot glasses. When you take one bite of the prawn, you realize that the juiciness of the prawn is absolutely intact and the flavour of barbeque just adds on to it. Next up is the baked Chermoula Fish. The flavour was good and the way it was presented was also really well. The fish was a little dry so it if was served with a sauce which would cut out the dryness, it would be perfect.

Next up are the main dishes. We had ordered for a Smokey BBQ Green Apple Risotto. The risotto was cooked very well. Generally I've had risotto with cheese and sometimes the rice gets very sticky if not cooked well. This risotto was one of a kind with green apple was soaked with BBQ sauce and the risotto rice was cooked with green apple and BBQ sauce. Trust me when I say this that I've never tasted anything more brilliant than this one. The tanginess of BBQ was on point. Next we ordered a lemon basil fish. The plating was really nice but unfortunately, the fish again was dry. As mentioned before, if they serve it with a sauce which can cut the dryness, it would be perfect.

Next up were desserts: Coconut Pudding and Blueberry Cheesecake. First came the Blueberry Cheesecake. The upper crust of blueberry was something totally worth eating. If it was for me, I would've eaten just that for dessert. It was so yummy. If they could've given a little bit more cream cheese then would be great. The coconut pudding was actually a chocolate coconut pudding. It was served chilled. The pudding was refreshing with the hint of coconut. If you feel like having something refreshing in desserts here, this is the one to have.

The non-veg menu is very limited and the vegetarian menu is equally vast.

What Could Be Better?

Fish and service. Fish was very dry to taste as mentioned and if served with some sauce, it would be great to taste. Service was slow. If they can manage pacing that up a little bit more, it'll be great.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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