Take Care Of Your Skin The All-Natural Way With Facial Yoga

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What Makes It Awesome

Did stress get your skin-care regime down? We found the cure for it – facial yoga. Here’s why it’s worth a try.

We found awesome in Aiyana Wellness – an exclusive yoga centre that specialises in facial toning. Its benefits are not just limited to the face, as it has been known to cure ailments too. If you’re tired of paying for expensive facials at the parlour that don’t do anything for your skin, it’s time to re-think the regime. A yoga type that lets you work your face muscles to increase blood circulation, facial yoga works wonders for you, keeping your skin healthy. People use it for wrinkles, anti-ageing and to increase blood circulation to the face, resulting in better-looking skin.

They have three levels of exercises that are taught to people according to their needs. If you’re going there for the first time, you’ll be enrolled in a basic course. Later on, a person graduates to an intermediate or an advanced level.

The basic session starts with a 15-minute face analysis which diagnoses the problem areas. Then, the participant moves on the workshop where they teach exercises. We were told that one needs to dedicate only eight minutes a day to keep their skin rejuvenated. 

It activates the endocrine system, rejuvenates the face, inner organs and meridians, by toning the muscles of the neck, face and scalp. It has shown remarkable results on people, by restoring a firm, smooth, glowing facial appearance.

Price: The workshop-cum-class costs INR 2,650 for one session (for one and a half hour)


We may not give into the fad of using facial creams (or botox) to tone the muscles, but choose this all-natural way to keep our skin healthy.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai