Indulge In Pav Bhaji Fondue And More At This New All-Veg Eatery In Thane

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We explored Family Tree, the latest eatery on the Thane map, and why you should hit it up if you live in Thane or are in the vicinity.

Chow Down

A family-themed restaurant, its tables are lined with cutesy family members-themed chairs. An all-veg establishment, it’s already giving the one of the main players in the Thane food scene, Utsav, a run for its money. With salads starting at INR 100, soups at INR 140, starters at INR 120 and main courses at INR 200, if feels light on our pocket. They serve something called the pav bhaji fondue at INR 220 which we are intrigued with. Desserts are traditional, with kulfi rabdi {INR 200}, chocolate mousse {INR 80} and a three-layer cheesecake {INR 150}. {We expect you’ve already visited the new SodaBottleOpenerWalla in Thane as well?}

Sip On

Only serving mocktails and coolers, they have jamun shikanji {INR 140}, smoked strawberry chiller {INR 175}, tamarind, herb and dates juice blend {INR 175} and Oreo crunch cookie shake {INR 225}. Not too experimental with the drinks, it likes to play safe but well, you should expect that since it’s a family-themed eatery.

So, We're Thinking...

If you’re in Thane are are driving down with family for a short spin around the city, this could be a pit stop for some delicious food.