What, Where, When: A Beginner's Guide To Mumbai's Thriving Farmers' Markets

Kumud posted on 07 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you are looking to shop better, smarter and with a conscience, you’ve got to hit up one of Mumbai’s thriving farmers’ markets. Not only will you get the freshest of produce, but you’ll also be buying directly from the producer, enabling them to get a fairer price. We found out about three such markets in the city, and got the low-down on each one.

Farmers' Market at D'Monte Park

The Farmers’ Market by Kavita Mukhi remains the original organic farmers market in the city. Started in 2010, and certified by Eco Cert, makes it the only 100% organic farmers market. It is currently held at the D’monte Park, Bandra. The market was previously held at the Mahim Nature Park and Bhalla House as well.

The farmer cooperatives are from in and around Nashik, Maharashtra. The market caters to all as it sells “exotic vegetables” like broccoli, leeks, lettuce, etc while the other section sells native and seasonal vegetables. When there, speak with knowledge holders like Sanjayji, whom you can find at the cash counter. Ask him about the state of agriculture in Maharashtra.

Another notable person is Shishir Chachad, who has immense knowledge of indigenous produce: ever heard of seedless lemons and black mung? A consultant for farms and a strong believer in backyard farming will tell you all about it. The organic café is as famous and as integral as the market itself. A must have would entail the red rice dosa and idlis by Sarita Gogia, treats by the Village Shop and a vegan coffee by the peeps at My Pure Path. If you prefer to dive in to how to lead your life organically and naturally, one can buy the book One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka. Chat up with Kavita Mukhi herself while she tells you about her journey and gives you tips on energy efficient cooking. You can always find her delicious homemade pesto and kimchi at the market.

When: Every Sunday from October to March, 10am–3pm

Where: D’Monte Park, Bandra

Sacred Heart School In Navi Mumbai, Thane and Vashi

Farmers come from around Thane, Palghar and Junnar. Not necessarily always organic, but the main emphasis lies that it is local and have traveled less which equals to optimal freshness.

The model depends on participation of farmers producing companies, farmer cooperatives, and tribal farmers. The market which started this August, is abundant with vegetables and fruits. With over 40 stalls in the premise allows you to choose the freshest lot. The tribal farmers sell what they grow and forage. You can be surprised by unknown and unseen veggies here, like mogri and moringa leaves. Saplings are for sell as well.

Not forgetting about greater Mumbai, October saw the opening of markets in Vashi by the civic administration as well. The committee plans to establish over 30 locations and also begin selling on a weekday as well.

When: Every Sunday, 9am–3pm {Nariman Point} or 3pm–7pm {in Vashi}

Where: The two addresses are Vidhan Bhavan, Mantralya, Nariman Point and

Sector 4, Sacred Heart School, Vashi

Juhu Farmers' Market

This market is a joint effort of organisations; The Inner wheel club of Bombay West, SHARAN and Natures Gram. The market is used as a platform to promote businesses and people that work towards spreading awareness about holistic and ecological sustainable lifestyles.

Some of the farmers are certified organic by the government, while some who do not have certification grow vegetables naturally. Sourcing from farmers who grow naturally is the topmost aim for this market.

Abiding with their philosophy, the market does not sell any dairy products like ghee, butter, cheese nor any sugar or any form of fats. Farmer cooperatives come from all over the local state, mainly Satara, Palghar, Boisar and Ahmednagar.

Local grown avocados, star fruit, sprouts, methi, rice and maath are sold as well. Taking it a notch further, Smoked Tofu and bedding made from organic cotton. organic washing powder for utensils and shampoos can be found here.

When: Every Sunday till April, 10.30am–1pm

Where: Pushpa Narsee Park, Opposite Jamnabai Narsee School, Juhu