Let’s talk about Mumbai weather – it’s humid, warm and almost always sunny. This means we are always geared up with our forever summer clothes, ray bans and a cuppa of iced cold coffee to-go. Since we all know coffee lovers comes in all shapes and forms who love their cold coffee as much as their hot cappuccino – here’s our list of favourite cold coffees in Mumbai.

Iced Frappe By Di Bella


Photo source: Public Domain Pictures (CC0 1.0)

Since we swear by our daily caffeine fix, Coffee By Di Bella’s “On the Rocks” iced cafe frappe had to be on our list. Though it’s popular for its Melbourne freakshake, our heart is set on its selection of iced coffees – they’re simple, delicious, with the right amount of caffeine hit – not too sweet or bitter. With its chocolate dressing – it’s served prettily in a glass and transports us to a coffee heaven {if it did exist}. Also try their Danish coffee frappe, with croissant on the side.

Price: INR 160 {regular}, INR 175 {large}

Cold Brewed Coffee At The Pantry


Photo source: The Pantry

The Pantry is our go-to place for salads and its vintage, chic interiors. But one of our favourite cold coffees here is not just served, it’s an experience in itself. The cold brewed coffee at the Pantry has a long process attached to it.

Coffee beans are first soaked in room temperature water for at least 12 hours {skipping the hot boiling water} which makes for a less bitter and acidic coffee. Hit this one up to skip sugar and indulge in a sinful cup of their cold brewed coffee – on a hot sunny day.

Price: INR 195

Mocha Iced Coffee At Bistro 1

Cafe Bistro 1 may easily be lost in the busy and chaotic Lokhandwala market, but we have dug it up mainly for its delicious mocha iced coffee – made with chunks of chocolate and mocha sauce infused with a shot of espresso blended nicely with ice. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional coffee, go for their classic cold coffee – which they also offer in a sugar-free variety.

Price: INR 169

Cafe Froid At Zen Cafe


Photo source: Zen Cafe

Zen Cafe is a tiny all-vegetarian cafe hidden inside a furniture shop in Raghuvanshi Mills – and they serve one of the best cold coffee in town. The iced coffee selection is dreamy and creamy – blended with coffee and chocolate bits. Cafe Froid is your usual old school cold coffee shake and we loved it for its creaminess, and the just right proportions of coffee and milk.

Price: INR 130

Mrs SodaBottleOpenerwalla’s Cold Coffee


Photo source: Sodabottleopenerwala

SodaBottleOpener’s take on Mrs Sodabottleopenerwala cold coffee is a classic – roasted beans with blended ice in it – which we’ve been told comes with its own recipe and a Parsi twist. Though it’s not as creamy, it’s one that gives us the right hit off coffee we need – and we are still trying to figure out the Parsi twist but in the meantime we did enjoy the cold coffee.

Price: INR 170

Affagato At Cafe Zoe

Cafe Zoe has beautiful interiors, and we go there for our all-day breakfast fix with a side of affagato for our regular creamy coffee fix. This cold coffee is made from vanilla ice cream and espresso – a combination that makes it extremely delectable and at the same time gives us the caffeine hit.

Price: INR 150

Nutella Coffee Shake At Bad Cafe


Photo source: Bad Cafe

Bad Cafe as it’s known, stands for Bring A Difference – a cafe with healthy and delicious food and an even better selection of coffee. The Nutella cold coffee here is to die for – literally – take a sip and be hit by Nutella and coffee flavours all at once. Though a bit steep on its prices, we say its an awesome cooler on a hot summer or any Mumbai day really.

Price: INR 230

Featured photo source: Pixabay