10 Movies To Make You Smile While You're At Home For Holidays

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No fancy dinners. No fancy Sunday brunches. And no cinemas as well. Yup...we get it. But hey, it's not all bad. We finally have the time to read that book, learn a hobby we've been postponing forever, and our favourite - watching movies. Now, we know, in a time like this all of us could use some feel-good movies to brighten up our spirits. So here we are with a #QuarantineWatchlist of top movies that you need to watch right now to keep you going. Ready? Lights, camera, action!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Well, had to start the list with one of the cutest rom-coms we've watched in a while. If you've not watched it yet, please please go watch it now! Heartwarming love letters, cute crushes, high-school drama, one-sided love, breakups - this movie is sure to take you back to your teen days.  

Kissing Booth

Two childhood friends and one rulebook - The Kissing Booth is an another high-school drama that deserves at least one watch. The movie revolves around a teenage girl and her guy best friend who have a rule book which is more like a set of restrictions for the duo. One of one being a rule which forbids the either from dating their relatives (yep, kinda weird)! Now, she's always had a crush on her best friend's brother (who's also the hottest guy at school) - but has no intention of jeopardizing her childhood friendship. Watch now to see who she chooses!  

Set It Up

A workplace drama which includes two young assistants (both frustrated) and two kinda horrible bosses. To make their work life easy and to keep their bosses off their back - the two assistants plan to set up both their bosses (wait for it...) with each other. Cute plan! Does it work? You'll find out! 

A Star Is Born

Still not over this movie. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga - could the cast get any better? For those, who've not watched it, the plot's a lot like our Bollywood movie - Aashiqui 2. An all-time popular musician falls for a struggling singer and helps her reach the highest point of her music career. However, their relationship starts seeing a good share of ups and downs. So they survive this rollercoaster? Watch it till the end!

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery's a funny mystery film that brings a married couple from New York in the middle of a high-profile murder on a billionaire's yacht. Well, we don't want to get into the deets! Enjoy the movie, guys! 

The Perfect Date

Noah Centino fans, here's another one for you! To finance his tuition fees and to get into his dream college - Yale, Brooks, a high-school student starts an app wherein he offers his service as a perfect boyfriend in return for fees. However, one of his fake dates makes way to a real (and a cute) love story. We highly recommend this one, folks! 

La La Land

With 6 Oscar wins, La La Land is an amazing musical that brings two of our favourites together - Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The former aspiring to be an actress and the latter to be a jazz pianist, the duo meets in Los Angeles from where their love story begins. Twists and turns, beautifully shot musicals and songs keep you engaged till the end. 

Edge Of Seventeen

Yup, that the age when all of us are figuring lots of things - friendships, careers, relationships and emotions. Caught up in this is the 17-year-old protagonist who's stuck between conflicting family relations and loneliness at school. Things take an ugly turn for her when her only best friend starts dating her brother - and she doesn't have the best relations with him. Watch to see how she navigates through this time.

Always Be My Maybe

Two childhood friends meet after 16 long years, but it's awkward. Especially because they've not been in touch after a fling during their teens. She's now a celebrity chef and he's a part of a small band - the two slowly start getting closer to each other again. The plot amazingly pans out their love story with a few ups and downs, amazing moments and heartbreaks - but they finally reunite - and this time forever. 

When We First Met

When We First Met amazingly blends romance, time travel and drama with the plot revolving around a guy who gets friend-zoned by a woman he met at a party and falls for. Using a time travel machine, he keeps going back in time and alters every scenario to win her back. All in all, a cute one-time watch movie if you're up to sparing 2 hours. 


However over and above these there are always are all-time favourite including Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going 30, Clueless, Legally Blonde, When In Rome, Notting Hill and so many more. 

Looking for classics to revisit? Here's a list for that too. Have fun binge-watching. 


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