Ten-second Takeaway

The Filter Shop creates and curates quirky design, photography and fashion under its roof in Kala Ghoda district.

Say It Like It Is

The shop has some of the quirkiest bits and bobs and odds and ends based on deadpan humour we have found. ‘Thou art a boil,’ reads one of their Shakespeare-inspired bad-mannered badges, showing us once again that the bard’s the man and probably had #nofilter when talking to people. {like us}. Another favourite are the honestly sarcastic thank-you cards which are perfect when you don’t feel like being on your best behaviour.


They also keep art books which are going to be a delight to display on our work table such as Painful People and I Take This Train Too by Cyrus Daruwala. You can also pick up the latest copies of The New Yorker {fiction}, Arts Illustrated and limited edition books on contemporary art and photography.

Framed posters of vintage ads from India, Indian Nimboo Sherbet Chocolate, watches will tell you when it’s 3-ish, are just a few of the treasures you find here. They keeps items not just designed by them but also carefully choose works by other artists and designers such as Letterpress, Rubberband, Grain amongst others. Their packaging of a black filtered bag punctuated with holes gets our definite approval.

So We’re Saying…

Hours can be spent at this shop, and you’re going to feel so pleased with yourself that you picked up just one tiny thing like a wooden pencil with Sylvia Plath’s name engraved on it, but then on your way to the counter, you add another zany little greeting card here. And another small bookmark there. And another. And another. And another.


Price: T-shirts start at INR 600, stationery starts at INR 100

Photos source: Filtershop