It isn’t every day we hear about a pure oxygen workout. It makes us wonder what it’s all about – just about enough to tear ourselves away from bed on a Saturday morning – just this one time.

What’s This About?


So as it turns out, Nittro Bespoke Fitness gym {yes, that is a double tt} in Breach Candy pumps extra oxygen out from their air conditioning which is supposed to help us be less tired while working out, and thus help maintain stamina.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We’d entered this building before since it also houses Bombay Bronx, but earlier that was for, ahem, stuffing our faces. This time our motive was quite the opposite. And so was our direction. We went into the basement, mildly anxious about whether our body would be able to handle all these surprises we were throwing at it – this extra dose of oxygen and a workout all in one day, but we took a chance.

I-I-I Work Out

The first thought that goes went through our head is that if Juicy Couture was a person, she would be running in this gym. We went in after only being allowed access through a fingerprint system {what’s with the secrecy?} and saw a DJ blasting music from within a silver disco ball or igloo, whichever way you look at it. Purple velvet walls, gold sprayed wrought iron frames, huge mirrors and a pleasant trainer said hello to us.

After collecting towels from the locker room {again with number-code lockers}, it was time to begin the process. The personal trainer had a chat with us and got us started on the treadmill. Huffing and panting we nearly escaped that when we saw all around us gleaming red machines, all inviting us to try them, pick them, choose them. And so we did. From lifting up, to shaking to down, turning to the left, and touching the ground, we did our fair share of exercise for over an hour, all this while not sweating a bead – the oxygen-ac to be thanked/blamed perhaps? Then we stretched out in their lower basement workout space, where they also hold Zumba, ilates, Bollywood dancing and yoga sessions over the week, ready to spend the rest of the day not wincing at every step.

So, The Question Is…

Are we heading back? Not for any extra air, for sure – but if you’re looking for a rather glitzy gym to give the illusion of a party {it’s a lie, the muscles still hurt}, you know where to visit. As for us, this time, curiosity killed the fat.

Price: INR 1,150 for a trial, INR 8,000 for a monthly membership, and INR 35,360 for an annual membership

Photos Source: Nitrro Bespoke Fitness