Double Trouble: Five Classes For Couples Who Want To Get Fit Together

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If you’re lacking the motivation to go work out, getting a friend or a partner to come along can be just the push you need. Here, we’ve rounded up a list of classes that you can head to with your partner.


An intense Brazilian martial arts form, Capoeria is perfect for anyone looking for company while signing up for fitness classes. We tried out it (read our experience here) and recommend it to everyone and anyone who wants a good intense workout session sans the heavy equipment in the gym. It’s fun, mostly done in partners or with groups and is a good stress buster – plus you get to learn Portuguese phrases and dance to live music.

Capoeira India has centres across Mumbai: Khar, Khar Danda, Prabhadevi, Oshiwara, Girgaum, Kandivali, Bandra. Each centre has its own timings and schedule so we suggest you get in touch directly to book a class.


Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts that was started off in Kerala. It’s a lifestyle and a way to enhance strength and flexibility whilst learning to balance both your body and mind. It boosts stamina for the ones who take it up, apart from improving the postures and toning of the muscles. From powerful leg kicks, high jumps to intense stretches, it is an extreme sport for getting fit which is slowly picking up in Mumbai.

It works well for couples as it is often practised in pairs, and the self-defense aspects of it might be a good way to take out any hidden resentment you have with your partner for never taking the dog for a walk. Check out our recommendation here for more information.

Aqua Aerobics

Not a new concept in India, and definitely not in Mumbai, aqua aerobics lets you have fun and swim at the same time. We think it’s a fantastic way for a couple to bond, and even more so if you hate going to the gym together – why not race each other to the end of the pool? Just sign up for the classes, and be on your way to a fit body and quality time with bae. There are multiple fitness centres and studios offering Aqua Aerobics like C’est La Vie

Where: C’est La Vie 

Kickboxing And MMA

Are you in the mood for some fierce working out? Well, then these kickboxing classes are perfect for you. Grab your partner, and sign up for these classes. This is perfect for the couple that ain’t messing around. Read our recommendation of the best fighting classes in Mumbai that you should join and make the most of the kick-ass training given there.


Can be termed as Couple Yoga or Pair Yoga, this form of yoga has been gaining popularity with special yoga classes tailored with poses for couples or pairs. While you can practice this with your friend, this type of yoga is best for couples as it helps in reducing anxiety and increases understanding among normal couples. The Yoga Institute in Mumbai does offer couple yoga every Sundays. Head to their website to know more about classes. 


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