Watching Your Diet? Three Mumbai Restaurants Which Calorie Count Their Meals

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Going out for a bite with friends while we’re watching our health can be a frustrating experience. This salad might appear healthy, but is that dressing amping up the fat content? That burger looks delicious – does the whole wheat give it a pass on the calorie check?

Here are the five Mumbai restaurants which have made the entire process a little simpler for us. Each of these restaurants have menus with a calorie count, calculated by an in-house dietitian. Go here when you want to eat well – or at least splurge with accountability.

Ministry of Salads, Breach Candy

We loved this all-vegetarian salad bar for two reasons – for its fresh ingredients, which are refrigerated and never more than four hours old, and their calorie counted salad menu which made us feel super virtuous.

Their menu has eleven ‘signature’ salads which have their calorie count listed next to them. Their lowest is the Thai Crunch Salad – at 179 calories – which has raw papaya, green leaves, peanuts and broccoli in a sweet chilli lemon dressing. Their highest is Roast by the Coast, at 748 calories, which has a pomegranate yogurt dressing we’re planning on recreating at home. Also the helpings could be bigger – we ended up ordering a second round.

The chequered black and white decor has us feeling that we’re sitting in a massive chess set. There aren’t many tables set out here, so be prepared to wait.

Find them on Facebook here. Also available on Scootsy.

Pishu’s, Andheri

Pishu’s is a local favourite of Andheri residents, who often get their healthy offerings home delivered. Serving up pizzas, shakes, pastas and salads all with healthy substitutions and calorie counts done by an in-house dietician, Pishu’s is in our little black book because of its variety, since they haven’t restricted themselves to raw vegetables.

The salads are a mixed bunch – try the pastas instead. We liked the red and white pasta – don’t expect any authentic Italian here – which comes in at 310 calories. We also liked the pizza crackers, which are made with red millet and wheat. The helpings are large, filling and healthy, stocked as they are with vegetables and healthy proteins.

The cafe was recently redone, and now has quirky wall paint, screens and frames with inspirational logos about wellness and working out. If you’re not in the mood for overdone cheer, get their food home-delivered.

Find them on Facebook here.

Saboro Lounge

Saboro, a cafe in Churchgate, is offering a range of healthy salads, juices, shakes and more to amp you up after your next visit to the gym.

We tried the small portion of the bean corn salad {245 calories}, which was a generous helping of beans, lettuce, bell peppers, croutons, sweet corn and onions dipped in salsa. Besides this, we also suggest you try the Chicknao Greens salad {495 calories}, which has a base of quinoa, along with chickpeas, pomegranate, parsley and honey. We also like their juice selection, especially the carrot-apple one, which is packed with nutrients but is only 97 calories.

The restaurant, which can seat around a dozen people, has comfortable cushioned chairs and high tables. We found it close to the Raju Sandwich Shop near KC College in Churchgate.

Find them on Facebook here.


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