#LBBPicks: Five Steals From Chor Bazaar To Pick Up Today


    Chor Bazaar has been abused plenty – a market for thieves, too busy, chaotic, not worth it. But we weren’t daunted, and took up the challenge to scout out the coolest and uniquest steals {har-har} we could find there. So buckle up and head there today to pick up these goodies.

    Old-school Leather Headphones

    Forget time-machines, travel back to the Seventies with these brown leather headphones by Toshiba. Not for our usual phone, these are meant to be attached to our music system. And get this – they had great sound quality that drowned out all the chaos around us. Super love.

    Where: Audio Electronics, Shop No. 44/46, Mutton Street

    Price: Approximately INR 1,000, but remember that at Chor Bazaar, you must keep your bag around your neck and your bargaining powers in hand.

    Contact: Feroz at +919820416950

    A Good Ol' Typewriter

    Typewriters – we have a special corner in our heart for them. This metal piece that we found is in working condition and is just our type.

    Where: Audio Electronics, Shop No. 44/46, Mutton Street

    Contact: Feroz at 9820416950

    Price: Approximately INR 1,500

    The Traveller's Lamp

    This lamp is everything a traveller {or book-lover} at home can dream of – with light. Books and a globe and compass sitting on top, we know what to gift that globetrotter friend for her birthday.

    Where: Mughal Art Gallery, 30, Mutton Street

    Price: Approximately INR 2,400

    Contact: +919664042677

    Trinket Box on Wheels

    Move over fancy-artsy-fartsy porcelain boxes, we’ve got a new ride coming. We picked up these miniature train model boxes to keep on our bedside table and toss our earrings and rings into.

    Where: Mughal Art Gallery, 30 Mutton Street

    Price: Starting price for model boxes is INR 500, varies per item

    Contact: +919664042677

    A Barrel of Alcohol

    Or water, whatever floats your boat. We can fill in our liquid of choice into a plastic pouch inside the barrel and pour it out, captain! We loved this find and are going to enjoy keeping guests wondering what they’re in for every time they reach out to top a glass.

    Where: We found this at a temporary shop set up by Mr Siddiq Mansur at the local Friday market in Chor Bazaar under shop number 55, Mutton Street

    Price: Approximately INR 800

    Contact: Mr Mansur doesn’t have a contact number, but he says we can find him at this shop every Friday.


    The main Chor Bazaar is closed on Fridays, but they have a local market which sets up shop on that day.