Fancy Some Creamy Almond Or Maybe Lavender Tea? This Brand's Got Exotic Flavours

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Tesore Tea

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What Makes It Awesome

Monsoon, Winter, Summer, it doesn't matter the season, does it? When you are a tea drinker, you'll have a cuppa and a kettle ready to brew at any time. Also really cute cups and mugs and tea sets - you get the drift.

And while we love a classic cup of kadak chai, sometimes we do crave something different. That gives us that same comforting warmth, but with a twist. That's where Tesore comes in. We found flavours we've never seen before, plus the usual tea blends in premium quality. Love almonds? Then maybe the Creamy Almond, a blend of black tea with minerals and antioxidants is a great choice.

To embrace the monsoons like none else, try the Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea to activate your throat. This spice packed tea has Saffron, Cinnamon, Almonds and green tea to soothe yet keep your inners aware. For this nasty flu season, there's a heartening Rajwada Chai that's meant to tackle colds and other infections. They even have an immunity booster green tea, perfect for post-workout sessions or just as an anytime drink.

Now if you love the fragrance of rose and find it soothing, why not give it a shot in your tea as well? The Rose Mint blend is both refreshing and fragrant and high in Vitamin C, which is great for immunity. 

Tesore has a collection that encompasses the entire range of floral teas, white tea, black tea, Oolong tea and Darjeeling Tea, . Prices start at INR 250 for 100gms.

Our Choice: Lavender Rose Green Tea, Hibiscus Green Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea


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