Can't Keep A Plant Alive? Keep it Real With Fake Flowers From Crawford Market

    Fort, Mumbai


    As they say, flowers can never go wrong. And this lane in Crawford market us proved that right! From creepers to tiny planters - you'll be spoiled for choice here. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    In the galli that leads to Lohar Chawl (right behind Badshah), you will find yourself in an unexpected colourful garden of artificial flowers. Parked outside the permanent shops, these are set up by vendors after vendors and seems to be a never-ending walk. To both your left and right, you will come across tiny palm-sized pots to gigantic plants in several hues. These shops are literally dotted with fake germaniums, orchids, and even sunflowers. There are roses, chrysanthums (imitations of these) which pass off as real until you go too close. There are also hanging creepers that you can pick up, plus Christmas trees (since the season is just around the corner). You'll also find cute terrariums which start at INR 250. 

    The flowers are extremely affordable, a small pot can be found as cheap as INR 150. If you're looking for creepers to adorn your balcony or window, you can grab them for INR 175 (six feet long). Like with all your local markets in the city, bargaining is a skill you must keep in hand.


    If you like the idea of keeping flowers in your house, but couldn’t take care of a plant to save your its life, you should take a trip here.
      Fort, Mumbai