Can You Believe It? This Mumbai Eatery Serves A Chocolate Dessert In A Flower Pot

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You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it on Instagram, but have you ever tried the flower pot surprise dessert at Jamjar Diner?

Flower Power

Jamjar Diner, the cosy restaurant in Versova, and now Bandra too, has been our go-to restaurant for all things comforting {really, have you ever tried their hot chocolate?}. What takes the cake {away} literally is their take of a brownie – the flower pot surprise dessert.

They serve you a delicious chocolate dessert that comes disguised as a flower pot – the ‘top soil’ is actually made of crushed oreos, the ‘mud’ underneath is in reality a mix of gooey brownies, ice-cream, and marshmallow chunks which all come together to form this unique dessert.

For a final touch, they place an orchid flower in the dessert, but be warned that that is the real deal and is not to be eaten. The dessert is eggless, and costs INR 375 + taxes {it’s a great way to end that awesome meal you’d have just eaten}.

So, We're Saying...

At this diner, if they bring you a flower pot at the end of the meal, don’t be too alarmed. Just grab a spoon and dig in!


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