You Can Still Get Food (By The Kilo!) While Socially Isolating!

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What Makes It Awesome

Large families, or little families with large appetites, have something in common. We go through a lot of food in very little time. And while cooking ungodly amounts of food is an everyday practice, present-day scenarios make things far more cumbersome. While ordering in was also always an option, we’re all tip-toeing around the idea of ordering food, now. Thankfully, tons of eateries are now following WHO guidelines, and making sure they go the extra mile to make sure your food is a 100% safe. 

Food By the Kilo has stepped up and is now following WHO Guidelines, too! Now FBK is an old, dependable fave because they’re amazingly pocket friendly, deliver just the amount of food you need - no more, no less, and because they cover a vast range of cuisines. We swear by everything on the menu - no, really! The Pav Bhaji is bulletproof, the Tawa Sabzi, though oily, is delicious, and the Thai Curry is pretty damn good, too! We obviously love the Kurkuri Bhindi and the fact that you can have potatoes your way, too - choose from Peri Peri, Achaari and seven other kinds of aloo prep for starters.

The resounding bonus? You can have 250 gms, 500 gms, 750 gms and 1 kg’s worth of grub, at a very reasonable price.

Price: Starts at INR 140


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