Do You Dare: How Many Eating Challenges Can You Win From This List?

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When we would watch the show Man versus Food on television, we would marvel at how the host Adam Richman would travel across America to win competitions made up by restaurants to become the ‘next food champion’.

Well, in Mumbai an American portion may seem like a genuine challenge by itself, but having said that, sometimes restaurants open up challenges that give you serious foodie goals.

Do Not Spill The Burger Challenge At Frisbees

Every burger fan for sure knows this joint. This tiny but quirky joint is cosy and serves some pretty awesome burgers. It also has a blackboard with discounts mentioned.

What's The Challenge: Finish the burger you’ve ordered without spilling on the plate, and you get the burger for free. Woah, that's a good deal. Then, there’s another one: If you lick your plate clean, you get a discount. 

Deadly Death Wings Challenge At Social

Well, as the name suggests, the Death Wings are a food challenge a brave few take up at Social. As the menu describes, Death Wings are ‘deadly hot chicken wings’.

What's The Challenge: All you need to do is finish it off without any water to win the competition. And yes, there is a disclaimer: Free lemonade for anyone who finishes the damn thing.

20 Minutes Pizza Challenge At Light House Cafe

Lighthouse Cafe which is pretty popular for their deep dish pizzas too has something for pizza lovers (or adventurous foodies in general). 

What's The Challenge: It’s a simple challenge, actually. Finish the pizza and win prizes. The catch, the pizza is a deep-dish pizza which is to be completed in 20 minutes. If done you win INR 25,000 worth alcohol voucher. While that sounds easy, it’s not. 

The 48-Layer Cake Challenge At Elementaria Bakery and Cafe

We all remember the crazy kid from Roald Dahl’s Matilda who ate an entire chocolate cake by himself, and we all wanted to be him at some point. Well, here’s to wishful thinking: Elementaria Bakery and Café gives a 48-Layer Cake for you to feast on. But here’s the catch, you can only finish it on your own, individually, in 10 minutes. If you are left sane by the end of it, you get completely for free!

Spicy Chicken Wings Challenge At Jimis Burger

So, if you're a person who loves spicy food, this challenge is for you guys! Jimis Burgers in Andheri has a hot wings challenge which we took ourselves. Catch a glimpse of it here.

What's The Challenge: You've got to finish a plate comprising of eight chicken wings. Well, if this sounds easy-peasy, you're mistaken. The owner says people can barely eat one, leave finishing eight. So, you can imagine the spice level. Along with the chicken wings, you're also served with chilled ice tea and tons of tissues (trust us, you'll need it). If you can finish the monstrosity, then the dish is completely free.

The Do Not Touch Your Mobile Challenge At Brunch ‘n’ Munch

Here’s to bringing good habits to the table. Brunch N Munch, a cozy breakfast joint in Malad challenges you to stay without your phone for a while. What's The Challenge: Keep your phone away in a box through the course of your meal. And if you do really manage to finish your meal without 'gramming it, you get a 15% discount on your meal. Not a bad deal at all.

Dara Singh Thali Challenge At Mini Punjab Lake Side

Here’s the thing about thalis, a normal one is a challenge in itself. However, the Dara Singh Thali at Mini Punjab takes the thali game on a new level altogether. An hour of preparation and 40 food items later, this humongous thali is brought to you to feast. It's surely not a one person's job and takes a minimum of 5 people finish it off.

What's The Challenge: If you alone can finish the entire thali in 20 minutes, then you get your it completely for free!


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