Grab A Bite At These Eateries At Growel's Malls In Kandivali

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We often don't realize while we're at it, but shopping can be really exhausting. While hopping from one store to another in malls may be all fun and games, but the constant check-ins at trial rooms and all the walking around can suck all the energy out of us. But *woot woot* for food courts inside malls, that help us take a break and just unwind over great conversations with our shopping buddies. We were at Growel's 101 in Kandivali, and thought we'd tell you about our favourite joints to grab a bite, or a heavy meal at. Check it out! 


When the hardcore non-vegetarian in you needs something gobsmacking and filling, stop by a Rombay at the food court. They've got interesting wraps and rotis that'll give you energy to shop more.

What To Eat: Mutton biryani wrap, chicken samosas, Kolkata Mughlai wrap roti

Shell Out: INR 400 (approx)


They serve fresh and exotic Italian food with a desi touch. And if you're a lover of cheese, you will be hooked to this joint and might keep visiting Growel's only to eat here. 

What To Eat: Eatalia special pasta with exotic veggies and choice of sauce, nachos, Mexican delight pizza

Shell Out: INR 600 (approx)


Sbarro is our ultimate go-to for pizza cravings. Whether it's grabbing a quick bite, a wholesome dinner or just regular pizza craving. And we LOVE this pizza joint for their rich flavours and pizza sauce, cheesy options and the sheer amount of variety. 

What To Eat: Veg Mexicana, Chicken Supreme and Alfredo Supreme.

Shell Out: INR 650 (approx)

Cafe Bollywood

If you're in the mood for some kala khatta gola or some spicy, Bombay-style chaat, all in the middle of shopping, then trust Cafe Bollywood with satiating that food craving. They also make the city's special grilled sandwiches, and street-side pizzas. 

What To Eat: Laccha Tokri Chaat, S.P.D.P (go figure what this delicacy is), paneer veg grilled sandwich

Shell Out: INR 350 (approx)


The crave to have a plate of hot and spicy chowmein, or noodles, can happen anywhere, anytime. And for a situation like that, Growel's food court has Chyna.

What To Eat: Garlic noodles, and Thai butter garlic chicken (clearly, we love garlic too much!)

Shell Out: INR 500 (approx)

Only Parathas

This one's your safe bet when you don't want to get too experimental with food inside a shopping mall. And Only Paranthas is one of those joints that bring you closer to the authentic Dilli-ke-paranthe. 

What To Eat: Amritsari bhuna parantha, Rajma parantha, American corn parantha

Shell Out: INR 1,300 (approx)

Cane Crush

And finally, to cleanse the junk you've gobbled, head to the Cane Crush counter and get yourself some cold juices, milkshakes, and sugarcane shakes. The drinks aren't too sweet so if you're fond of a little bit of jaljeera or masala, you can ask the staff to add it accordingly. 

What To Eat: Chocolate sugarcane shake, berry blast, citrus mania

Shell Out: INR 250 (approx)


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