Love Both Hot Chocolate And Books? Head To Food For Thought

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If you love both bookshops and hot chocolate, head to Food For Thought, a cafe situated at Flora Fountain, which you’ll find inside a bookstore: the legendary Kitab Khana.

Chow Down

You wouldn’t expect the food at a cafe attached to a bookstore to be so good, but keep your expectations high. Everything from the mac n’ cheese to the nutella waffles served here are fantastic. Also try their cheese chilli toast, the bunny chow, and check out the range of salads, which are also exceptional. This is also the place where I was introduced to – and loved – Sindhi cuisine for the first time, surprisingly.

Sip On

They have some of the best hot chocolate I have tasted in town. The drink is hot, thick, and more than enough for two people. At INR 200, it’s a steal. I would recommend curling up with a mug of this and a book freshly bought from the bookstore.

Anything Else?

The interiors are calming and beautiful, with mint-coloured walls decked out with portraits of classic books. You don’t need to make a recommendation, and they have more than enough space for a single person to enjoy a quiet evening. It can get a little crowded some evenings. There is also a parking lot outside, which will be more than enough if you’re coming in a vehicle.

So, We're Saying...

Definitely head here for a sweet experience. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their amazing book selection as well. {Now that you’ve got your book, consider joining a city book club as well?}

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