Bizarre Or Delicious? This Malad Joint Is Selling French Fries Topped With Maggi

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If you haven’t been to UFO fries and corn yet, let us tell you why you need to head there. Hint: find at least 25 types of fries and 19 types of corn dishes.

Chow Down

UFO fries and corn has two outlets in Mumbai. One in Kandivali and one in Malad. This eatery is perfect for anyone who loves fries {in the battle of fries vs wedges}. They also do unique amount of corn dishes, along with burgers and more. The outlet is a tiny place, suitable home takeaway, with an outdoor sitting area. It’s generally quite crowded in the evening, especially with the student crowd.

They have at least 25 types of fries. These include: garlic dip fries {INR 130}, cheesy popper fries, maggi fries {INR 130}, and the ever-so-famous, per peri cheese fries {INR 110}. For the bizarre flavours, check out the imli cheese fries, that is tangerine topped fries {INR 110}, and chocolate caramel fries {INR 110} if you’ve got a sweet tooth. It doesn’t end here, as they have even more variations of fries going on.

If you love corn as much as we love our fries, there are options for you as well. From tandoor mayo corn, chipotle cheese corn, to sweet chilli cheese corn. There’s a dish here for everyone.

So, We're Saying...

If you love fries, raise your hand. And if you did, you gotta head out to UFO {read anything but unidentified} at one of their outlets for your indulgent fast food fix. Barring corn. We declare corn healthy, wealthy and wise.


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