Experience Luxury At This Eco-Friendly Valley Getaway Just 3 Hours From Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Forest Hills at Tala is a gorgeous, eco-friendly mountain valley getaway and is perfect for those looking for a luxurious getaway surrounded by nature. We’re already imagining catching up on our beauty sleep tucked in the comfortable beds in one of the romantic villas or mud houses in here.

Waking up to a splendid sunrise is just the kind of a holiday we’re looking for. And if you’ve got a special day ahead of you, then it won’t get better than this.

Let’s just take a moment to admire the beautiful Forest Hills at Tala. Doesn’t just one glimpse show how perfectly and beautifully this eco-retreat has combined luxury with privacy?

Designed to exceed all our expectations and nestled in a forest-like setting, Forest Hills is located at the edge of a valley not very far away from the Tala Caves. While there, one can be engulfed in greenery, breathe in pure, clean air, snuggle up in comfortable beds in the even more comfortable rooms, and simply look out of the window for a breathtaking view every single time. The pristine environment and the serene water-bodies in equal measure bring you peace and tranquillity.  

Amenities And Fun Activities: Spa, Fishing, archery, rifle shooting, swimming, football, Segways

Types Of Rooms: The Pink Parrot, The Blue Butterfly, The Woodpecker, The Camel Cabin, The Tree Hopper, The Tree Hugger, The Glass House, The Tent House, The Mud Hut, The Hermitage, The Indigo Trail 

Packages: start from INR 14,500 per night per couple, inclusive of stay, taxes and breakfast


The Buddhist Kuda caves and Tala Fort are around in case you’d think about leaving this super cosy space and go explore. They have a restaurant inside that will take care of your food cravings.

We strongly suggest going here on special occasions (anniversary, birthday, you know the likes). 


The hotel is following the necessary guidelines for Covid-19. However, if you have any questions, we suggest you reach out directly. We suggest you call them up for details on bookings.  


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