Four Beauty Treatments That Are Worth Your Time And Money

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More often than not, a lot of us find that we have almost no time for any kind of grooming and pampering sessions, thanks to our hectic schedules. That being said there are some beauty treatments that are completely worth the time and effort, because they help us look our best with minimum effort.

So take some time out on weekends and get in touch with Housejoy who are more than happy to provide you with some comprehensive beauty services. The best part? They provide you services according to your convenience, in the comfort of your home, which means you do not even have to battle the traffic in your city. That’s amazing right?

Confused about what service to get? Fret not, we have you covered on that front as well.


The length, texture, or style of hair does not matter as everyone wants their tresses to look as beautiful and lustrous as possible. A good haircut is important in that regard as it will help you reduce your hair woes {like breakage  and split ends} and also give your overlook look an instant uplift. So whether you like to keep your hair long or short, make sure you for a hair trim at least once in eight weeks.


When your skin looks great, everything else will fall into its right place. And a good facial is a great way to bring instant brightness to your face and at the same time address skin problems like scarring, discolouration, or sun damage. In case, you are new to the world of facials, we recommend you get it done from professional experts as it will reduce/remove any possible skin issues in the future.


If you trim and polish your toenails on a regular basis, we think you should reward yourself with a top-notch spa pedicure at least a few times in a year. After all nothing is more relaxing than kicking back with a good book while your feet is being painted and pampered. 


There is nothing in the world more invigorating than a good spa as it helps you relax your body while reducing health problems like headaches, muscle pain and insomnia as well. Plus with day time temperatures soaring up to 36 degrees, you have all the reasons to head to a spa for some cooling massages, rejuvenating body polishes and even hydra (water) facials. The best kind of weekend plans, we must say!

So next time you feel like pampering yourself with a quick beauty treatment, Housejoy has some amazing services that you can avail, right in the comfort of your home.  Excited? Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them today.

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