From Injection Pani Puri To Pav Bhaji Fondue And Bubbly Kulfi, SpiceKlub Is A Must-Try

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What Makes It Awesome

This place presents the food in a way which not only satisfies your taste buds, but also catches your attention.

The must-try here are Injection Pani Puri where you inject the sweet chutney in the Puri, Naanzas which are stuffed with cheese, and Vada Pav with small buns, garlic chutney in edible plastic cover and potato puree.

Try out golas with all the flavours if you want to cherish childhood memories. You can't exit without having desserts. The Bubbly Kulfi served with six different flavours is delicious and the Dark Chocolate Soap Bar with edible foam is something which you can't miss.

What Could Be Better?

Pani Puri could have been served with potato or boondi like our regular pani puri.

What's My Pro Tip?

There's paid valet parking here.

Anything Else?

Please​ make sure you reserve a table, may be even a day prior

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