Play It Up: Have You Been To Infiniti Andheri's Fun City Yet?

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The fact that arcade-style games are associated with childhoods and summer vacations straight up bothers us. While our own jungle gym days are personally over, we’re still fans of the everyday Hit-The-Weasel, Arcade Camel Race, Mini Basketball and many more games that we found, right inside Infiniti Andheri’s Fun City.

After a day of shopping, the weekend (or holiday) calls for blowing off some steam, no? We think it definitely does. Head to Fun City, even if you have kiddos in tow. Drop them off at the Jungle Gym, and live your best life playing ALL the games.

Like any arcade, you’ll get a card in which you can load your cash into, for points. Using the points, you can play games, and if you win, treats await! You can easily win the games, and get points in return. And guess what, you can shop at the Arcade Store using your points! We’ve seen really random toys to home objects that are genuinely useful (we saw a mixer-grinder once!) so its not a waste of time by ANY means.

Make sure you load your card with enough money to allow you to play for hours on end. Oh, and this is also a great spot for a first date. Thank us later!


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