Paan Macarons, Anyone? Fusion Desserts To Confuse And Thrill

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When east meets west, fusion sweets are born. We rounded up our favourite places where you can get fusion sweets, aka, a desi cure for our sweet cravings.

Baked Jalebi Cheesecake At Gallops

First up is cheesecake, and instead of your usual Philadelphia style, it’s made in the the desi style. Made of baked jalebi (the Indian sweet), we love this dessert for INR 300. Heads up, Gallops only has seatings via bookings, so make sure to reserve a table.

Gulab Nut At Bombay Canteen

Bombay Canteen boasts of a rather interesting selection of dessert choices. Gulab Nut, a delicacy exclusive to them, is basically gulab jamun cooked with Old Monk, giving it a sweet rummy taste for INR 300. So regular gulab jamun? So 90s.

#LBBTip: Also high up on our recommendation is coffee rasgulla for INR 350. It’s a fusion of our two favourite things, rasgulla (the Bong classic) and bitter coffee to soothe our taste palette post-dinner.

Jalebi Caviar At Masala Library

A foodie’s delight, Masala Library offers quite a vast and experimental menu for the foodies. Their dessert selection is not only innovative, but also delicious to say the least. And for our list, we had to pick up jalebi caviar.

This fusion works for two reasons, the sweetness of jalebi and the saltiness of the caviar makes for a combination that strikes the right amount of balance. The dessert is included in a tasting menu which will cost us INR 2,700. You can also order it a la carte.

Sweet Potato and Gulab Jamun Cheesecake at English Vinglish

English-Vinglish’s entire menu looks a selection of when ‘east meets west’ – which also explains the name. This super affordable dessert parlour has some great fusion offerings, but our favourite is the sweet potato and gulab jamun cheesecake for INR 140.

Exactly how it sounds like, the cheesecake’s filling is stuffed with sweet potato, and topped with gulab jamun in the middle of it, for all the right sweet explosions. 

Another favourite at English Vinglish is the Shreekhand Donut. Who would have imagined biting into a donut that was stuffed with a shreekhand filling? The folks at English Vinglish have done a great job of surprising us with this delicious package- this donut with a shreekhand filled centre has won us over!

Paan Macaron at Le 15 Patisserie

Mumbai’s favourite macrons are available in a desi flavour, one we all love to love! The paan macaron is in fact a great gift for the festive season, and we highly recommended picking this one up as your next cheat treat!  Prices start at INR 76 per piece.

Paan Exotica Taco at Froozo

Paan masala, gulkhand and whipped cream as taco toppings? Yes please, we’ll have it all! For 150 INR this indulgent dessert is a fun one, perfect for those dessert dates when you’re in the mood for something new. 

Chilli ice-cream at Bachelor’s

Bachelor’s has been a favourite with Mumbaikars since years now, and we are huge fans of the wide range of flavours that this brand has to offer. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the chilli ice cream, a soothing sweet treat that leaves you with an aftertaste of chilli . 

Ras Malai Tres Leches At Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe's known for its modern take on Indian cuisine and their desserts too showcase a fun, fusion approach to food. If you're feeling adventurous, try the ras malai tres leches that's served with carrot cream and a rose petal net. There's also masala chai ice cream, and a nostalgic Parle G cheesecake on the menu.


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