Fusion Lovers, Try Pav Bhaji Fondue And Naanzas At Rustico In Fort

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Exploring the Fort area by foot has its own treats, and if you are an all-out vegetarian and would like to enter a cosy restaurant, then go get yourself a table at Rustico!

Chow Down

The bright blue entrance makes you feel at ease in an instant. When there, enjoy the Indian flavours with a western twist on your platter, so gorge on some delicious roomali roti papad, a naanza or the pav bhaji fondue.

Sip On

If it is your lucky day, then look forward to some paan shots {which are complimentary}. But don’t miss trying out their curry leaves crushed with star anise iced tea, passion fruit iced tea or simply pick from their elaborate mocktail menu. If you are into hookaah, then they have a large variety of flavours you can indulge in.

So, We're Saying...

If you would like to try out some fusion vegetarian food, then head to Rustico in SoBo, and we’re sure you will love it.


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