Next Episode Munch: A Mumbai Cafe Is Making Game Of Thrones-Themed Cupcakes

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Have a {major} thing for Game of Thrones? You’re not the only one. Le Café in Chembur has awesome GoT-themed cupcakes to munch on while watching the show.

Hello, Winter

As has always been the case for the last 6 years, you will duck from all the spoiler alerts thrown at you every Monday. To gear you up for the show and keep you up, Le Café, the sweet and lovely date spot in Chembur has changed its game and come up with a quick sugar fix- GoT cupcakes. These are dark chocolate cupcakes with sigils of different houses stamped on them {go Starks}, swords and Ned’s favourite phase – ‘Winter is coming’ written with a {heavy} heart.

These cupcakes are available at the café and for home delivery. Each cupcake is priced at INR 75.

So, We're Saying...

These cupcakes look like they’re worth having a war over. Attack them like The Mountain does {Oh, Oberyn} , and get your paws on them ASAP at the Le Cafe.


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