Feeling The GOT Withdrawal? These Awesome Merchandise Will Keep You Calm

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Game of Thrones is most likely to return in 2019 and the wait is killing us. In the meantime, if you are the kind of fan who is busy watching reruns, fan theories, and stalking Mr. Martin for any clue, you will love these awesome GOT merch. Here’s what you should add to your cart.


We know that in your head, you have already picked the ultimate ruler of the seven kingdoms. Targaryen? Starks? Knowing R.R Martin, it could very well be the Lannisters. So, it’s time pledge your loyalty and buy these awesome Game Of Thrones t-shirts and root for your favourite house.


Step out in style and spend some Iron Coins. We are kidding. You won’t be heading to Bravos anytime soon, but Bravos is coming to you, all this month and these Totes will definitely help you make a bold style statement. Check out these totes and more Game Of Thrones merchandise and add them to your collection.

Game Of Notes

If brain over brawn is the golden words you have been repeating all your life and have suddenly found a hero in Samwell Tarly, these notebooks are going to be a perfect addition to your otherwise brimming stationery-collection.

Badge Of Honour

These pin badges are a great add on to your wardrobes and bags. We are particularly loving the winter is coming badge and adding it to our GOT merchandise wish list.

I Drink And I Know Things

As you pour your first cup of tea/coffee, make sure to drink it off in these themed mugs as they are too cool to ignore.

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P.S. Let’s cross out fingers, hope Bran can take on the Night King and Jamie hold true to his ‘Kingslayer’ title {queen in this case}.


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