A Glutton's Guide To Two Of Bandra's Most Delicious Streets

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If you’ve visited Bandra enough, you’ll find that the charm doesn’t lie in the noisy streets, but in the narrow by-lanes that house some of the neighbourhood’s most iconic eateries. We explored Chapel Road and Waroda Road: the two Bandra roads where art meets food.

Duke's Restaurant And Store, Chapel Road

Duke’s is the place to be if we’re tired of shelling out massive amounts of money at Bandra’s fancy restaurants. It’s a humble place situated between the cool graffiti of Chapel Road.

You’ll find character houses {some of them are old Goan bungalows converted into buildings} and chirpy people lighting up this place. Don’t miss the beef fry, anda bhurjee and mutton curry here. They serve it from the kitchen counter with a side of onion salad. Dinner for two under INR 250 – if this is not the nineties, what is? You can even catch a movie at Galaxy Gaeity to complete the nostalgia trip.

Kalpana Snacks, Chapel Road

Remember those small bakeries we would stop by while on the way back from school? Kalpana Snacks reminds us of those less complicated days.

Known for its burgers, chicken lollipops, puff pastries, beef cutlets and rolls, it’s a family-run establishment, with food freshly made everyday. It’s advisable to visit during the day because the stock vanishes by 6pm everyday.We recommend Fugias – East Indian sweet breads, made by deep-frying dough balls {INR 12 for a packet of 10}. If this doesn’t charm you, there’s always the cool art to check out around this place.

Jim-me's Kitchen, Chapel Road (lunch)

This small Chinese restaurant can easily go unnoticed if we’re busy cribbing about the traffic but thank god for the Chinese lanterns that scream ‘good Chinese food’. Known for their juicy and tender pork ribs at INR 340, Jim-me’s can easily give any fancy restaurant claiming to have the best ribs in town a run for its money. Ideal Sunday lunch ordering place, you guys. Also, we’ll give the prawn spring rolls a definite try at INR 250.

Mount Mary Cold Storage, Chapel Road

For those who like their weekend cooking sessions with fat, Mount Mary Cold Storage is our heaven on earth. They keep the meat fresh {in contrast to other cold storages where it seems too processed} and leave the fat on.

Head here for some ham, cold cuts and fish and fulfill your fancy lunch and dinner fantasies. Amen.

IMBISS Meating Joint, Waroda Road

Hailed as the place where meat-lovers meet to discuss their carnivorous ways, IMBISS is an old favourite. It will charm you with its humble wooden decor, an outdoor seating area and food that they’ve been nailing since eons. Secret: Their cold meat platter is the best cure for a hangover. Shell out INR 800 for two and sort your breakfast worries.

Birdsong Organic Cafe, Waroda Road

French windows, a chalkboard menu, friendly staff and organic food – Birdsong Cafe is the first thing we notice while strolling through Waroda Road. Flanked by art studios and homes-converted-into-work spaces, this cafe serves the best chocolate shake, salads and bakes made from organically- grown ingredients. Two people can pig out {their portions are huge} for under INR 1500.

Ken-Mary's, Waroda Road

Ken-Mary has filled the void quite brilliantly after Jude Bakery’s shutdown. Their Mawa cake is to die for and bread still cost INR 2. They’ve also renewed their menu with cheese biscuits and ginger cookies. Adding this one to our Little Black Book under INR 100 eats list in Bandra.


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