You'll Never Want to Get-A-Whey From These Ice Creams!

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Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream- 4 Pack

Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream- 4 Pack


What Makes It Awesome

We're all trying to escape the temptation to eat our feelings at home, aren't we? Just me? That's okay - I'm not ashamed to admit that I've developed a HUGE sweet tooth during quarantine. And it's not helping me out!

Long after the banana breads and dalgona coffees had run their course, I was still baking more than usual, and ordering in heavy, indulgent desserts that did me no good.

Get-A-Whey is a dessert that really doesn't fit into that category. Heck, it actually says you can dunk a tub of it in your morning smoothie. THAT's how healthy it is. Sugar-free, protein-rich and SO satisfying, the Belgian Chocolate variant I tried ticked all the right boxes. For me, and my dad, who happens to be diabetic, and a sincere lover of chocolate.

It tastes rich, without being heavy, and its so reasonably priced. We're thankful about the fact that they've got combos, and more fun flavours too! I got the 4-pack Belgian Chocolate combo.

Price: INR 500 for a pack of 4


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