Ten-Second Takeaway

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Olympic swimming pool, which is the largest public swimming pool in town, has re-opened with a splash just in time for all our post-monsoon fitness goals.

Just Keep Swimmin’

This Olympic-sized swimming pool located near Shivaji Park is the ideal place for hardcore swimmers and casual floaters alike – and it’s open to the public too, for a yearly fee.

The main dive pool has ten swimming lanes, is 15 ft deep and 50 meters long. It is also accompanied by a recreation pool and pool for children.

#LBBTip: In case you just can never find your swimming cap {like us}, you can always buy your last-minute swimming essentials at the poolside.

So, We’re Saying…

If private pool memberships and their air of exclusivity have got you annoyed, this is for you. Just slap on some coconut oil, and you’re good to get fit.

They will be taking on new members starting next month, October 2016.

Timings: 6am–10am; 3.30pm–5.15pm {for ladies only} and 6pm–8pm for everyone

Featured photo source: Mike Prince via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0]