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Grab Leather Shoes And Brogues Under INR 1,000 From This Shoe-Seller

Bhavika posted on 24th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Find awesome leather brogues and sandals, similar to the likes you get at Steve Madden, at a humble street stall right outside Jehangir Art Gallery and the pavement art gallery.

What Did You Find?

Run by Sanjay and helped by his brother who even provides free tea to any customer, this is an only-leather footwear shop spread across this South Mumbai pavement. He sells the largest variety of only leather shoes that we’ve ever come across. The variety is mostly for ladies, with sandals, closed shoes, brogues as the many options available. The sizes start from 36 and even go up to 43, so if you have a bigger size, that shouldn’t stop you from getting shoes here. There are three categories of prices: INR 600, 800 and 1,200, but he is open to a few reasonable negotiations.

They make half the stock in their own factory, and source the rest, making many of the pieces very unique, and a steal for their price. Check out the metallic strapped sandals too, which don’t look anything less than what we would get at mall brands, but a steal in comparison.

So, We're Saying...

Next time you’re around the ‘hood, we definitely suggest you take a walk to this shop – you will find a shoe that fits all the important criterion: size, money and awesomeness.