Get Mediterranean And Italian Food Delivered To Your Doorstep Till 2AM From This Kitchen

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The Bowl Box is the latest addition to the home delivery kitchen brigade and it has some promising dishes up its sleeve.

Chow Down

Do you often sit staring at your screen trying to decide what to eat, only to give in to your colleagues’ suggestion? Yes, that dosa place sounds great but look at all what this delivery service is offering. The Bowl Box has salad bowls {INR 220}, garlic lollipops {INR 225}, nachos bowl {INR 200}, Moroccan-spiced chicken with hummus {INR 325} and more.

It’s easy-to-eat, tasty food, served to you at your doorstep. Whether you are slacking it out in the office or binge-watching your favourite show, The Bowl Box should be considered. What we also love about them is that their food quantity is sufficient for one person and they make sure to add a dessert in the meal too.

They are currently covering areas between BKC to Parel and serving from noon till 2AM.

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