Get Over Waffles & Pancakes, Gear Up For This Unique Greek Delicacy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Lokomades brings authentic Greek loukoumades, a dessert that is worthy of the gods. History has it when people are in a happy state of mind, great things happen. The brainchild of Chandni Patel and Nikhita Dalal, lokomades is a new introduction to the by-lanes of Bandra, which offers unique Greek desserts called " Loukoumades " which can be translated simply as " Stairway to heaven "

The product is an ancient Greek delicacy that is modernized with the millennial choice of dessert flavours like Nutella, Red velvet cheesecake, dark chocolate and so on. The product texture is uniquely crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside, so it makes the great perfect room for some rich pure chocolate and fresh cream mixed ganache. A range of flavours is poured on top of it with nuts, berries & ice cream for an overwhelming flavourful experience. The crunchy bite & the blast of injected ganache in your mouth is a heavenly experience. This is a very popular international dessert getting served in Australia, Dubai, Turkey and now India.

They also have " Patatas " on their menu, as soon as I saw that on the menu it reminded me of my euro-trip. Patatas was my go-to meal as it's convenient to have on the go.

What are patatas ?
This is big, I mean really big baked potato that you won’t ordinarily find. The giant 6-inch patatas are baked, slit, core mashed with butter-cheese-chilli garlic, stuffed with your choice of veggies, choice of your salad, topped with a lot of sauces and garnished with grated cheese. This is a great meal option for one person.

Another option in the savoury lost are the French fries, The cheesy jalapeno fries were purrfect, Crispy and seasoned.

How was lokomades born?
As Chandni Patel ( co-founder ) would like to put it " For us, Lokomades is like a Eureka moment. Except that we didn't find it in a bathtub. In fact, we found it on an all-girls trip to Europe. While on a food tour, something blew our minds and kept us up all night drooling. It's all we could see in the mirror, on each other's faces & everything we saw. It came as a song in our head and we kept humming it like Pharrell Williams over and over again till it chased us to say "Yes - this has to be next door all the time".

This was the time to take the traditional Greek street sweet - Loukoumades to India share the treat of the Greek gods.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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