Ten-Second Takeaway

We thought you would like to make this a smooth{ie} year so we would like to tell you about this awesome smoothie maker we found online.

What Is It?

A mini blender and smoothie maker with a detachable travel bottle which conveniently blends and lets you drink from the same bottle, called Shake n Take {yes, it’s as simple as it sounds}. Available at INR 1,295 right now {original price is INR 3,000}, we’d like take this to boring meetings and push start when an annoying person starts to talk.

Photo source: Flipkart

Photo source: Flipkart

Its high power motor easily turns fruits, vegetables and ice into your favourite smoothies, protein shakes and even ice-blended coffee. Just twisting the sport bottle will start blending immediately without any fuss or wastage of precious time.

Smoothies are very underrated as a healthy snacking option and we’d like to make 2017 healthy by drinking more smoothies and juices.

Why Should I Get It?

Get it if you care about putting less junk in your body in 2017. Also, no more spending hundreds of rupees buying it in restaurants. Ugh, such a waste of hard-earned money.

So, We’re Saying…

A very convenient option for those of you with serious fitness goals this year, we’ll get it for the sake of our waistline.

Get it here.

Featured photo source: Pixabay