Three Customised Shoe Options For Those Who Can Never Find Their Size

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What’s the point of being stuck in uncomfortable shoes when you can prance around in comfort? Got a weird toe that doesn’t gel well with your shoe size? These women can help you out.

Paio by Shweta Nimkar and Aparna Bhadbhade


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Started in 2013 by two women who believe in the power of footwear, they have an elaborate website letting you customise your shoes online. Under the ‘Craft Your Shoe’ tab, you can choose everything from the kind of heels, material and the style you want to get made for your feet. They also have a sample collection for you to refer to in case you need a little help with imagination. Got feet in two different sizes? Need extra cushioning for more comfort? Paio will do it for you. Their collection starts at INR 1,800.

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Gush by Vrinda


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Vrinda, a NIFT graduate started her line of customised shoes under Gush in October 2013. Nearing 3 years of kicking some serious butt at shoe making, Gush has a studio set up near Churchgate. From men’s loafers to stilettos that won’t be uncomfortable {probably}, the assortment personifies elegance. They customise shoes according to your feet’s comfort. Have a arch that’s too arched? Gush can help you out. Don’t get your size normally? You know where to go. Their range starts at INR 1,800 as well.

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Veruschka By Payal Kothari


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The brainchild of Payal Kothari, Veruschka shoes put in tremendous amount of effort in the making of each shoe. They dedicate 5 craftsmen to churn out a dependable shoe. The brand is also the shoe provider for Femina Miss India contestants, Miss World and Miss Universe. Other than that, they specialise in making shoes for women with foot disorders {short leg syndrome, special feet}. Veruschka has been lauded at various fashion weeks and can be spotted at pop-ups across the country. You can meet them at Black Taxi’s Fashion & Works Exhibition on October 14. Shoes start at INR 3,500.

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