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Love Chinese and Thai cuisine? 😻

Meraki is a must must try place!

Ordered from here for dinner.

1. Chilly Garlic Noodles: Noodles and veggies were finely cooked and tossed with chilly and garlic and topped with schezwan chutney! Noodles were so so delicious plus the quantity served was totally worth the money charged.

2. Veg Spring Rolls: Spring rolls had really amazing stuffing of cabbage, onions, carrots and frenchbeans. They were so nicely fried and were not that oily! Really good!

3. Veg Green Thai Curry: This was by far one of the best thai curries I've ever tried! Fresh and creamy thai curry served with steamed rice. Thai curry had exotic veggies in it and was super delicious. Also rice were properly cooked.

This place indeed is a must try place! 😻😻

Greaaat food, good quantity, decent prices, timely service.


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