Ten-Second Takeaway

Are you looking for chocolate decadence but want to skip dairy and gluten? Head to Nordic Kandie for rich, dark vegan chocolates made in Europe with love.

Chocolate Seduction, From Europe

First and foremost, let us decode the confusion surrounding quality chocolate. It’s simple really, the higher the quantity of cocoa variants a chocolate has, the better the quality of the bar is. At Nordic Kandie that’s exactly what they offer and promise. The shop is headed by Thea Thammeleht, who’s a sixth generation marzipan maker from Reval, a small town in Estonia. She oversees the making of marzipans {which they are famous for} which are then shipped to India.


Marzipan is one of the oldest sweet pleasures in the confectionery business, and is made using almonds and sugar into tiny ball like fudges. At Kandie’s they often cover it with edible golden or silver cover – a sight for the eyes and taste palate equally with flavours of anjeer, cinnamon, green apple, lychee, salted caramel and many more. They also prepare couverture chocolates which uses almost 32 per cent to 39 per cent of cacao butter which ensures the chocolate is pure and gives a luscious taste {unlike mass-produced chocolates}.

What We Love

The fact that the cacao beans have been sourced from around the the globe to make the chocolates as organic and true to its flavours as much as possible. They use raw Belgian chocolate to produce the artisanal collection of their couverture chocolates, Chocolat Delicatessen, with flavours like 70 per cent Ecuadorian, white with cacao nibs, 70 per cent Ecuadorian with cinnamon, et al. The same couvertures includes the 54.5 per cent dark and 54.5% dark with cacao nibs, that is the vegan option for the ones looking to skip dairy.


So, We’re Saying…

If you want a guilt-free box of chocolates, order the vegan couverture chocolates – as a treat to yourself. We know we will, especially when they come in gorgeous boxes of blue and wrapped with pretty silk ribbons. What’s more, you can get it delivered to your door step.

Price: INR 1395 for a box of nine

Photos source: Nordic Kandie