Take Your Furry Pooches To This Pawesome Picnic By The Lake In Lonavala

    Jayati posted on 25 January

    What Is It?

    2017 is off to a pawesome start because you can now take your dear pooches to a lakeside picnic in Lonavala on January 28 organised by Paws Pop Up. This adorable concept has been hemmed for the poet owners who’re looking to be at one with nature along with their four-legged bestie.

    Who Is It For?

    The pet owners who’d love a day’s getaway with their pooches off to a lakeside location in Lonavla. It’s a great place for socialising your furry best friends with other pooches, just so they know how cuteness can exist in harmony.

    On the plus side, Lonavala is just a couple hours away, so you’ll be back in no time. A great ride for you, and your companion, we say make a family outing out of it.

    Why Should I go?

    Think lakeside, lush green hills, open skies and fluffy, magical paws treading the earth like there’s never been a more glorious day, ever.

    You can unleash your doggos to swim in the lake, get them playdates for the day, and just sit back and enjoy.

    So, We’re Saying…

    There’s nothing more relaxing than spending a gorgeous day out in the open with your pet. There’s something calming about the prospect of pooches running around in open green spaces, and we’re already dreaming on the paradise.


    It’s a pre-registered event, so make sure you get on the list before showing up there with your best friend.

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      Lonavala, Maharashtra