The Newest Entree For Pan Asian In The Heart Of Hill Road

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What Makes It Awesome?

Shibuii - Deriving its name from the Japanese term meaning Simple and Subtle, places itself in the heart of hill road.

Cosco and Savio the dynamic cruise duo travelling the world on the sea and being in the F&B segment happen to open this restaurant with the sense of their expertise. The main USP - a place that serves authentic Pan Asian with a sense of a casual dining experience.

First things first, recently learned that I was allergic to peanuts and knowing pan Asian cuisine cannot do without this ingredient in quite a few of their Dishes, the team and the chef made sure all the orders came without Peanuts! A big round of applause for that.

To the orders -
Cocktails -
Lemon Grass and Galangic Tini - lemongrass doing the rounds with a mixture of vodka and sweet and sour. Usually not a vodka person I couldn’t have loved the way the blend was subtly made.

Whiskey Sour - Classic take on whiskey with egg whites. Trippy one.

Old fashion - whiskey again with a tinge of orange and the wedge. Ah. This is beauty.

Starters -
Vegetable Tempura - Assorted vegetables with the infamous Yaki sauce does a fair work here.

Steamed Tofu in Hang Sauce - It’s pan Asian and vegetarians only replacement to a cottage Cheese is Tofu. A brilliant take on the texture. Smooth and really soft. Hang sauce aces the finishing.

Aromatic Spicy Tenderloin Dumpling - easy good 6-7 pieces of dumplings in fine ginger garlic, Onion, Sichuan pepper and red chilly base. Tender and goes well with the cocktails.

Sushi’s (Veg) - Asparagus Maki and Imported Avacado Uramaki - perfectly with the roll and the wasabi soy texture.

Som Tom - A surprise Thai element that came our way. Papaya salad in spicy sour-sweet and salty dressing mix.

Mains -
Soy Bean in Singaporean Chilly Sauce - This took it all! the highlight and signature of the evening. I was in awe to taste this authentic dish. In no words to describe how well did I love this.

Also ordered the Pea butter garlic fried rice which was a jasmine based blue rice. Aromatic and an authentic touch again.

Deserts -

Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Syrup - imported Thai mango with a sweet blue and white sticky rice topped with roasted coconut.

Tob Bin Crob - Thai styled water chestnuts along with coconut syrup. Layered with slushed ice and a Jasmin petal, it’s a perfect end to a meal.

Overall- the menu was very well curated. The duo has taken great efforts in putting forth what they’ve travelled and what they want us to experience. Feels like fine dining but also giving a casual touch. Shall also be catering to the Jains soon. (Yes, read that right) pan Asian and Jain - can’t wait for this one.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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