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Go All Natural With These Steroids Free Chicken!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Zorabian Chicken is one of the most famous packaged chicken. Apart from being easily available, it is super convenient to cook and it also turns out to be really delicious. They have their own Farm in Khapoli which is equidistance from Mumbai and Pune. The best part of having their farm is that they have control over quality.

They do differentiate from other local shops selling chicken. Zorabian chicken is the best in quality because they do not inject their chicken with any antibiotics nor do they add any antibiotics to the breed. Since there are no antibiotics there is no internal contamination. Another great thing about Zorabian chicken is that they raise their chicken on a vegetarian field which makes the meat more tender and it doesn't have any bacteria. The chicken is steroids free. Which makes the growth more natural. The chicken is healthy to consume and a great source of protein. They have different product categories which are ready to cook, pre-marinated range and more.

I tried a few of them:
1) Chicken Seekh Kebab: It's highly recommended! Totally worth the price and absolutely filling. You have to shallow fry it and it's done. It comes under the ready to cook category.

2) Chicken Nuggets: It comes under the ready to cook category.. just fry it and it's done. Crispy chicken nuggets are ready!!

Then comes the pre-marinated range:
3) Chicken Tandoori Tikka: The best part is that it's marinated so really quick to cook. You'll make it as a gravy or dry chicken as well. I made the gravy one and loved it.

4) Chicken Tandoori Tikka is green in colour and tastes great!! Made it as a dry chicken and was easy to make.

Overall, Zorabian Chicken is easy to cook, delicious in taste, a great source of protein, easily available and also all Natural!! Make superb chicken at the comfort of your own homes.