Move Over, Hotels: Hire An RV With A Barbecue Grill & Make A Road Trip To Goa


Travellers of Mumbai, Delhi and beyond, we’d like you to brace yourself for what’s coming. With this recommendation, the way you think about hotel rooms and road trips may change forever.

What Is It?

Wacation is an awesome Nagpur-based company, started by Neha Soman who got tired of calling travel companies for an RV camper {they couldn’t find a reliable service}. Deciding to take matters in their own hands, they started Wacation on Wheels in November 2016.

Tell Me More

The service offers two kinds of Campers – a four-seater {INR 12,000 a day} and a nine-seater {INR 20,000 a day}. They come with a driver and a helper who will clean the vehicle for you to have a hassle-free vacay. The facilities include a gas stove, a barbecue grill, solar panels to give you hot water, a shower, TV and a generator for power backup. We inquired as a customer to take a trip to Goa. We were told that they have access and permission for two beaches in Goa Agonda and Anjuna, where you can park it and have a beach day/night. Did we mention the barbecue grill that opens out from the side of the van? Delhi people can take a trip to Goa as well. Or Manali, Spiti – wherever your wanderlust takes you. Although they are based in Nagpur, they have a base in Delhi as well.

So, We're Saying...

Imagine travelling within Maharashtra or beyond, without having to check-in and check out of hotels. Gather your group of friends and leave for an adventure, we say. Book it here.


You can travel upto 250 kms a day in the costs mentioned above, fuel included. In case you want to travel further, you’ll have to pay INR 60 per km after the limit.