Haggling On Hill Road? Refresh Here With Delicious Hand-Churned Ice Cream

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What Is It?

Hill Road has always been out there with its shops, crowd and eateries. But sometimes, in the middle of all the chaos, it spews out hidden gems. The newest one we’ve found is Gokul refreshments, and it got renovated recently.

Chow Down

Their menu consists of diverse food items ranging from pav bhaji to flax seed masala idli and pizza. Their khada pav bhaji comes at INR 150 and idli at INR 60. We tried their spinach idli which was heavenly {mainly ’cause it was light and healthy}. Their spicy roasted garlic and cheese dosa {INR 130} is raved about and rice meals come at a light price tag of INR 110 upward.

The show stealers on the menu though are the hand churned ice creams by Scooperb. They are preservative-free and are made in-house. They start at INR 60.

Sip On

The beverages include filter kaapi {INR 60}, hot chocolate {INR 80} and hot Nutella {INR 90} for those who like their drinks hot. For those who like to them chilled, try their lassi {INR 60}, fresh lime and mint juice {INR 50}, coffee caramel {INR 150} and cold coffee {INR 100}.

So, We're Saying...

It makes for great no-frills, quick date place or an after-shopping snack while you’re at Hill Road.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai