Iconic Eatery Mani's Lunch Home Has Reopened In Chembur. Been There Yet?

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Matunga’s old favourite South Indian eatery, Mani’s Lunch Home, is back in town with a bang with an outpost in Chembur East after they shut down their Matunga outlet.

What Can We Expect?

This beloved 14-year old South Indian eatery had shut down earlier on July 2 in Matunga because the building that housed the restaurant was going into redevelopment. However, according to Midday, Mani reopened in October in Chembur East. Now open, Mani is same as ever, except its Chembur clientele takes the lead.

The menu has not gone through a dramatic makeover, however KS Narayanaswamy, the proprietor of this restaurant has only surged the prices a teeny bit. With idli sambhar for INR 32, and their most expensive dish priced INR 110 {their special paper roast masala}, it’s like we’re back in the 90s.

The staff, the free unlimited sambhar and chutney all remains the same, so all of you old patrons can sigh a breath of relief.

So, We're Saying…

An iconic restaurant like Mani is back in business and it’s all too exciting. With affordable prices, it was one of the prized gems of Matunga’s famous South-Indian cuisine belt. Whilst Chembur East may be a tad bit out of our way, we are more than happy to trek up there for their good old thali and sheera, with a side of their ever-so-famous filter coffee. We’ve been there, but have you?


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