Can't Commit? Try Pilates, Yoga And More With This Pay-Per-Class App

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Goodvice is an app that helps you get onto your fitness journey with convenience, with a variety of fitness options across the city – so you don’t have to commit to a single gym membership you will never honour.

How Does It Work?

With this app, one can actively explore gyms, fitness studios and other fitness facilities. It’s anti-routine and anti- membership – ’cause we all know what happens to the INR 20,000 yearly gym membership. We’re all for less complications {and commitments}.

The mechanics are simple – sign up, choose what you wanna attend and pay per session. They have gym sessions starting at INR 101, yoga starting at INR 200, pilates at INR 250 and zumba, spinning and cross fit starting at INR 200 per session. It lets you choose your vice according to the area you’re in. Ever got free from work early? You can book a yoga session to unwind or a kickboxing class to work that strength. {PS: if you develop a soft spot for pilates, check out our round up of the best pilates classes in town.}

So, We're Thinking...

If you hate sticking to a schedule and often find yourself dragging yourself to the gym, Goodvice could be a boon for you. We like that it’s totally commitment free – you don’t need to pay a chunk of money to sign up or force yourself to a routine. Also, they have something called Goodvice points where you get one per cent of your session fee back into your account, only to get redeemed at the next session.

The app is available on PlayStore and AppStore for free.


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