No More Wastage: You Can Now Give Leftover Food To Dabbawallas Who Will Feed The Needy

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Do you have leftover food lying around your house or had a party with abundant leftover dishes? You can now call up the Mumbai Dabbawala Association {MDA} and they will take care of it.

How Does It Work?

The famous late Gangaram Talekar who headed the MDA, streamlined the entire dabbawala system that runs so smoothly across the city. Known for his kind soul, Gangaram always wanted to do more for the needy in the city – feed them and how.

The idea behind this initiative is to feed as many people in need as possible. According to Homegrown, almost 400 dabbawalas in the city have been working to collect the leftover food. On top of that, they feed around 300 people on a daily basis. A heartwarming tale from these dabawallas – we are loving how they are going above and beyond their services to feed the people in the city.

What We Love

This initiative is helping bridge the gap between the lack of food and the surplus food wastage that happens on a daily basis in the city. Be it from caterers, restaurants or parties that you host. Though the current model is still not entirely equipped to meet all the calls they get everyday, you can drop the food at any of the stations across the three railway lines.

There will be a dabbawala who’ll collect it for you, all you need to do is look for a guy in whiteGandhi cap. If you’re confused, ask the station staff. You can now help contribute to a cause and help in your own little way by feeding as many people as you can. Next time you have a huge party, you know what to do rather than throwing it all in the trash can.

So, We're Saying...

Don’t add to the food wastage, and instead call them or drop by excess food to the deposit points. You can also drop your food off to Versova’s community fridge if you live nearby {read more here}.

Find more information on their website here.

You can also call on +919867221310 and +918652760542 to give away the food.


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