Lunch At Govinda's In ISKCON If You're Missing Delicious, Home-Style Food

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We ate the lunch buffet at Govinda’s ISKCON to see if it could satiate our craving for the simple, home-style food we’re always craving.

Chow Down

The buffet is priced at INR 450, and we can choose from the huge vegetarian and saatvik {without onion or garlic} spread. Starting with a simple salad {the one served at most Indian homes with cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum} followed by servings of dal tadka, matar paneer cooked with cashews, a helping of pakoda and matar poori. Feeling a little too adventurous for a Monday afternoon, we decided to have the Thai curry and broccoli soup with noodles. While the Indian spread was fantastic with its simplicity, the Thai curry and broccoli soup should’ve been avoided.

The environment was completely family-led with a few people giving ‘why is this person eating alone’ looks. Waiters would often come up and ask if anything was needed and each one of them prodded us to have an ice-cream. We passed on that but gorged on gulab jamun and rasmalai instead.

Sip On

The drinks were interesting as well. A mixed fruit juice named Namastey Mumbai, jal jeera, buttermilk and a ginger drink were the options. Playing safe this time after the Thai curry debacle, we chose the fruit juice.

So, We're Thinking...

If you crave home-made, clean and simple food, Govinda’s could be an option. We’ll drop by if we’re catching a movie at the temple or visiting. It almost takes you back to the simpler days with its ambiance.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai