Living Luxe: Have You Checked Out This Beautiful Store Inside A Historic Mill?

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What Makes It Awesome

Located within the The New Great Eastern Mills compound in Byculla, this home decor store is a hidden gem we're glad we stumbled upon. High-end artifacts, furniture, fine art, vintage pieces and more find a home in an atmospheric setting within this historic mill compound dating back to the 19th Century.

What We Love: Stepping into this gorgeous store is a little bit like stepping into a different era. As you stroll through the store, their beautiful handcrafted collection drawn from different eras and styles from Art Deco to Baroque capture your eye. There's no mass production here: each piece is chosen for its quality, unique tone and aesthetic or history. It's the epitome of luxury with a price to match. 

What's More: Every surface is adorned with something eye-catching here. There are porcelain Chinese garden stools, ornate teakwood doll house-style chairs, metal sculptures and more. The brand works with designers and craftsmen to create pieces that are timeless and versatile. Also, this location has a unique addition in their Light Store, which is where the brand displays and demos a whole host of lighting options. There's everything from sparkling chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps and more here, all displayed to stunning effect.

P.S: It's an expensive brand, so make sure your wallet's loaded before you go.

Step in to find furniture, accessories, period styles, antiques and artifacts including bespoke designs and one-of-a-kind luxury at Great Eastern Home. You wouldn't regret at all! 


The store can be a little hard to find and we advise you keep a little time in hand to navigate if you're heading here for an event.