Rajma, Chhole, Jalebi & More: The GTB Nagar Khau Galli Is Mumbai's Hidden Treasure

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While North Indians may debate over which restaurant in Mumbai serves their favourite delicacies true to their North Indian taste, we suggest you get out of the restaurant rut and instead, stoll down the streets of GTB Nagar a.k.a. Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar- which is as Punjabi and North Indian in nature as it can possibly get. From chole bhature to pinni made with desi ghee, there’s nothing you can’t find in these streets, that flooded with street stalls, restaurants and about six gurudwaras. If you’re lost, there’s always a Paaji willing to point you in the right direction {we experienced this}.

But what’s a given is that you will be greeted by happy faces who loved discussing food. So here’s our round-up of some street stalls you must try here for delicious and super cheap grub.

Raj Palace Restaurant (Outside Tandoor Section)

They have a takeaway section with a tandoor very neatly laid out at the entrance, and what we can say with guarantee is that those kebabs are delicious. So there are many such takeaway joints here, but we know them all – Mini Punjab, Hazara, Mini Mahal, etc. but we were instantly drawn towards the piping hot chicken tandoori {INR 150 for half, INR 290 for full} being made in front of us. Also try their mutton kebabs {INR 140}, chicken tikka {INR 150} and chicken cream tikka {INR 160}.

Pappu Payawala And Punjabi Paya House

If you’re looking to be served the best paya in a fancy eatery, then you’re mistaken. Because the nicest paya we’ve tried is at Sardar Paya House and Pappu Payawala {they’re literally one space divided by two stalls that are super friendly with each other}, where ambiance and delicious food don’t go hand-in-hand. But since we’re all fans of street food, this couldn’t be missed in GTB Nagar. While not many can match the goodness of the flavours and the way this dish is prepared, they also cannot match the price at which it is sold here – INR 80 for a plate of paya. Yes! It’s that cheap and sinfully good. It may be oily, but good things don’t come that easily, do they? You can also try their mutton curry {INR 90 for half, and INR 120 for full} teamed with rice or their pretty delectable keema {INR 60 for half, and INR 90 for full} with some fresh pav.

Chawla's Chhole Bhature

At Chawla’s, we find a few shaky stools, dim lighting, and newspapers being used to soak up the grease underneath our kulche. The crowd also is very local – you will find everyone from taxi drivers, auto drivers, local workers and families sitting in the limited seating area. Head here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu here is basic Punjabi goodness, as well as an excess of what is traditionally called ‘dirty Indian Chinese’. You’ll find everything from plain naans to dal makhani being doled out here. The chhole bhature/ kulche are what you should go and gorge on {they’re so good}.

Ramesh Da Dhaba

Did you ever think you’d get a wholesome thaali for just INR 60? Well, in 2017 this may sound bizarre, but it’s true – at Ramesh Da Dhaba, you can eat a bloody good meal- three sabzis {rajma, shahi paneer and pakoda kadhi}, two rotis, rice and salad with achaar– for only INR 60. We were surprised too. This small dhaba-like setting has seats inside and they also serve insanely good rice kheer that’s the perfect end to this delicious, value for money meal.

Guru Nanak Sweets

Craving some hot jalebi? Guru Nanak Sweet Mart has been at GTB Nagar for almost 50 years now, and they serve some pretty delicious, crispy and perfectly sweet jalebis {INR 140 per kilo} that are freshly made in front of you. They also specialise in traditional sweets such as imarti {INR 240 per kilo}, anarsa, petha barfi {INR 400 per kilo} and much more. The shop opens as early as 6 am, so could very well consider having a sweet, sweet breakfast.


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