Get Fit, Go On A Date Or Just Chill: Here's How To Spend A Lovely Evening At Five Gardens

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Have you ever been to Five Gardens? With the wide roads and lush greenery, evenings here are made of walks, quaint observations made sitting at the benches or just gorging on the street food. If you’re looking to spend a lovely evening here, let us guide you through.

Eat Out

Heading out to Five Gardens in Matunga makes for a very relaxing and a rather charming evening. Though it may be crowded, with children playing, and students roaming around, there’s space for everyone here {much like the city}.

One of the best things about this place is that many tiny food stalls crop up in the evenings – coconut vendors, peanuts and chaat sellers.

You can always walk over to Chilli Flakes {situated in a garage in the Hindu-Parsi colony}, and get yourself a delicious and rather heavy pizza. Or if you’re looking for something sweet and light, there’s always Mamaji’s {opposite Ruia college} serving delicious chocolate sandwich, or Subhash Sandwich {opposite Podar college} aka the legendary sandwich stall serving ice-cream sandwich, lays filled sandwich and more for INR 60.

Lastly, if you don’t mind walking a bit out of the five gardens area, head on over to Cafe 792 – the quaint little Parsi cafe known for serving new dishes every single day. Looking forward to a cute date spot? May we suggest taking your date here and ending it with their chocolate eclairs?

Walk Around And Chill

If you’re a regular there, you’re probably aware of Hoopers – the caged courtyard like garden where one can play basketball and volleyball. If you’re on time, get your basketball and start playing.

Apart from this, walking around five gardens is truly the best way to spend your evening here. Developed by the Britishers back in the day, the garden has benches at every nook and corner, with rows of flowers lining the gardens. The Dadar Parsi colony surrounding the gardens stands tall and proud with beautiful decor that has withstood time. Walk around, and if you like – get a bunch of lovely ones for your Instagram.

It’s also a good place to work out – jog, walk or exercise. In fact, you will find plenty of fitness enthusiasts here and given that there’s an open gym too, there’s enough provision made for you to stretch it out.

So, We're Saying...

Five Gardens in Matunga are generally open from 6am until 11am, and then from 4pm to 8pm. With its envious location near colleges, a beautiful residential area and the quiet by lanes make for a fitting getaway in the city, from the city.


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