7 Gujju Thalis In The City You Must Try For The Ultimate Vegetarian Feast

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If vegetarian food is what you love the most and Gujarati fare is what you dream of in terms of food, we made you a list of special Gujarati thalis to try out in the city. 

Shri Thaker Bhojanalay, Kalbadevi

One of the most popular joints for when the craving for a good thali kicks in, Shri Thakker’s is a heaven for those who like to keep it simple. The food is tasty and not too oily, farsan plays the perfect partner to dal, and dhoklas are softer than the Johnson’s baby’s lotion.

What You Must Eat: Bajra roti, jowar roti or wheat chapatis is what you can pair with their kadi, dal and sabji. There’s also shrikhand and moong dal halwa to finish your meal with.

Shell out: INR 500

Maharaja Bhog (Multiple Outlets)

The popular fine dine joint has guests hooked to their dal, baingan thepla and farsan. They've got a lot of joints throughout the length and breadth of the city so choose the one that's closest to you and enjoy the feast. 

What You Must Eat: Mithi Dal, Baingan Theplas, all the farsan. Their mix kathol is also praised by the regulars. 

Shell Out: INR 499

Rajdhani (Multiple Outlets)

This Gujarati and Rajasthani thali restaurant is visited by the regulars who are smitten by their food quality and service. Rajdhani is a very popular outlet because the variety in their thali, as well as the quantity, is insane. 

What You Must Eat: They serve mango jalebi, kairi muthiya, kairi stuffed bread roll, aam ki sabji, spicy mango salad, fajeto and more. The items may change as per the Indian seasons.

Shell Out: INR 499

Golden Star, Charni Road

This humble two-storeyed eatery is pretty iconic in Charni Road and the thali here is not really an aam one. It's for passionate foodies who can stuff in a lot. Their menu juggles during festivals. The food does tend to be on the heavier side, so go on an empty stomach. They also have a meal box in case you don’t have the time to go to them.

What You Must Eat: Three types of farsan, four vegetables, Gujarati dal, dal bati, dahi kadhi, dahi, four kinds of rotis, rice, pulao or masala khichdi, chutneys, papads, raitas and chaas. 

Shell Out: INR 800 (approx)

Chetana, Fort

The Chetana thali has been around for nearly 70 years now and the food's simply delicious (but a little too heavy on the tummy.) During winters, the restaurant's Undhiyu is pretty killer and no matter where you reside, you've gotta come here and try it. Apart from doing gujju thalis, they whip up Rajasthani and Maharashtrian fair too. 

What You Must Eat: Green Moong Daal Chilla, Khichiya Poori, Daal Dhokli, Gujju Kadhi

Shell Out: INR 600 (approx)

Soam, Chowpatty

Now this one, though iconic, doesn't really have a full-fledged thali but has a variety of combos and meals that are a must-try. The good part is that you don't need to stuff yourself after ordering a 7 course thali. Calling for a two-dish meal ensures less wastage of food. 

What You Must Eat: Gatte Ki Sabzi with Masala Satpadi, Methi thepla with Laal batata nu Shaak

Shell Out: INR 800 (approx)


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